UNISEM Science

Preparation for a PhD, MD, and MD/PhD.


We’ve partnered up with several professors from a variety of fields across campus to provide our students the opportunity to conduct research on a subject they’re passionate about. We believe that working in a lab provides a better understanding of the material taught in class and jump starts careers for future physicians and researchers.


Develop your public speaking skills, learn how to present and write science, and become a better candidate for industry and higher education.

Academic Support

As part of our UNISEM community, we’ve established a tutoring center to help maintain a competitive GPA as you progress in your undergraduate career.

More Member Benefits


Members taking part in research will present at UNISEM's end-of-the-year expo, showcasing a culmination of hard work from students and their mentors.

UNISEM Socials

UNISEM hosts over 30 private events throughout the year. To get things started, we're givng away IN n OUT at our Welcoming Event.

Community Service

Get a chance to work with your peers and lend a helping hand to our San Diego community.

Now accepting members for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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