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UNISEM Labs is UNISEM's primary engineering program geared towards getting quality products out quickly. Hammering out ideas, starting over from scratch if we need to, students work in small interdisciplinary teams to quickly go through the process of developing ideas, working them out, and creating a product people would actually use.

Start-Up Seminar Series

A great product on its own is not a company. (no comma) We host a variety of sessions featuring successful founders and investors in the fields of bioengineering and technology. Aimed at supporting student ventures, these sessions will help you learn how these entrepreneurs got started, what went wrong, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew.

Academic Support

As part of our UNISEM community, we’ve established a tutoring center to help maintain a competitive GPA as you progress in your undergraduate career.

More Member Benefits

Hackathons and Expos

Every quarter we'll be hosting an internal hackathon with cash prizes and investment opportunities. All members also get to present at the end-of-the-year expo/competition which serves as a presentation practice and a showcase of everyone's hard work.

UNISEM Socials

UNISEM hosts over 30 private events throughout the year. To get things started, we're givng away IN n OUT at our Welcoming Event.

Community Service

Get a chance to work with your peers and lend a helping hand to our San Diego community.

Now accepting members for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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